Health and Beauty Inspo…

Winter Skin Steam Facial Recipe – DIY and simple.

Bath Salts – Aromatherapy Blend Recipes – great tips for essential oil blends with benefits.

Cooling Aloe Mint Body Lotion – perfect for sore feet and joints.

Drink It Up (Green Juice Recipe) and Sweat It Out (ModelFIT move) – winning combo for energy out and energy in.

Charlie’s Fruit Market (Brissy)’s – fresh, fruity/vegetabley food inspo – this Insta feed will have you lusting after alllllllll the fruits and veggies and smoothies and vegan sweeties.

Smiling Mind Meditation App – get that brain chillaxin’ and open to positive energy.

Green Kitchen Stories blog – fantastic plant based recipes with drool worthy pics.

Flora Remedia Transformative Scents – I have just discovered this range (haven’t bought anything yet) but looks right up my alley!








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